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Harem Scarem

Albums by Harem Scarem

Harem Scarem Human Nature
Harem Scarem Let Them Eat Fishcake
Harem Scarem The Birnam Witch Project

Harem Scarem — The Birnam Witch Project

Released 8/22/2005
  1. Slippery (The Dutch Jury/Ginny's Tonic/The Slippery Eel/Niamh's Capers) 5:03
  2. Mind On (Mind And Mind On/The Rolling Chunder Ceilidh Band/Les Reel Des Voyageurs) 4:24
  3. Soar 2:58
  4. Angus And Linda (Angus Grant Sings The Grateful Dead/Wise Words From Linda) 6:30
  5. Fish Tank (Unknown/Heid In A Fish Tank/Macpherson's Rant/Miss Ada Macdougall) 4:47
  6. Tibby Dunbar 4:47
  7. An Bhean Udai Thall 2:39
  8. Pocket Size (Madame Lulu/Pocket Size Pal/Alborada Tigre Xuan) 6:24
  9. Ding Dong (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead/Annie's Polka/Billy's New Box/The Plevin Jig) 4:27
  10. Simmer Dim 4:42