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Black C

Albums by Black C

Black C Rbl Posse Presents 70s Baby
Black C Still Ruthless

Black C — Still Ruthless

Released 11/20/2012
  1. Still Ruthless (Original Mix) 3:00
  2. Visualize Me (Feat. B Legit) (Original Mix) 3:45
  3. Tryin 2 Win (Original Mix) 3:46
  4. Dope Boy (Feat. E-40) (Original Mix) 4:41
  5. U Know What It Is (Feat. Mr. Walker) (Original Mix) 3:36
  6. Breaded Out (Feat. A.R.) (Original Mix) 3:55
  7. How It Is (Feat. San Quinn, Andre Nickatina) (Original Mix) 4:22
  8. I Smoke (Original Mix) 3:37
  9. Paper Route (Feat. Butch Cassidy, Moe Da Hustla, Sneek) (Original Mix) 3:33
  10. Wrong Or Right (Feat. C-Bo, Marveless) (Original Mix) 4:26
  11. Smell'n Like Kush (Feat. Moe Da Hustla, Beeda Weeda) (Original Mix) 3:36
  12. Critical (Feat. Young Shaad, G Dah Malvo) (Original Mix) 3:56
  13. The Streets Crazy (Feat. Mac Mall) (Original Mix) 4:12
  14. F*ck That N*gga (Feat. Young Bleed) (Original Mix) 3:10
  15. Hatin On Me (Feat. Hermanata, Messy Marv) (Original Mix) 4:53
  16. Cup Of Game (Feat. 4-Tay, Yella) (Original Mix) 3:23
  17. Talkin Sh*t (Original Mix) 2:45
  18. (Bonus) Talk About It (Feat. Liq, Lil Meek) (Original Mix) 4:06
  19. (Bonus) We Got A Connection (Feat. Laroo Thh, C.W.) (Original Mix) 3:38