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Vin Garbutt

Albums by Vin Garbutt

Vin Garbutt Bandalised

Vin Garbutt — Bandalised

Released 1/27/1994
  1. England My England 4:16
  2. The Catholic Boy/ Imelda Rolands Reel/ The Green Gates 3:43
  3. Jessie The Flower Of Dunblane 4:33
  4. The Humours Of Twizziegill/ Hitler's Downfall/ The Rambling Pitchfork 3:09
  5. Be As Children 3:09
  6. The Reluctant Hedgehog/ The Mooncoin Reel 2:54
  7. Lough Sheelin Side 4:19
  8. Michelle Flynn's Hornpipe/ The Squeeky Chair/ The Willow Tree 4:18
  9. Philippino Maid 2:32
  10. The Wilderness Road 3:10
  11. The Songbird 2:43
  12. The Copperplate Jig/ Ann Bewick's Pies/ The Virginia Reel 4:11
  13. The Rose Of Tralee 5:49
  14. The Blackbird Hornpipe/ The Other Fairy Hornpipe/ The Hummersea Slide 4:24
  15. Reprise: The Wilderness Road 1:24
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