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Albums by Hellothisisalex

Hellothisisalex Across The River Twin

Hellothisisalex — Across The River Twin

Released 1/24/2005
  1. Enough Kilowatts To Light A Mountain 4:25
  2. Dull Cares Vanish And The World Seems Right 3:30
  3. Survival Is A Dead End 3:28
  4. Humankind Meets Trees 4:13
  5. ...and Then Suddenly Everyone Launched Into The Air 2:52
  6. Parachuting Into A Valley Of Gems 3:58
  7. A Fire Carried By Hot Winds 3:31
  8. The Beauty Queen Waves Goodbye 2:14
  9. Home Is As Near As The Telephone 3:22
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