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Dieter Reith

Albums by Dieter Reith

Dieter Reith A Happy Afternoon
Dieter Reith Best Of James Bond

Dieter Reith — Best Of James Bond

Released 1/1/2000
  1. Dr. No: The James Bond Theme (Arr. D. Reith) 2:41
  2. Octopussy: All Time High (Arr. D. Reith) 2:43
  3. Goldfinger (Arr. D. Reith) 2:48
  4. Goldeneye (Arr. D. Reith) 3:12
  5. Live And Let Die (Arr. D. Reith) 2:43
  6. The Living Daylights (Arr. D. Reith) 4:05
  7. Thunderball (Arr. D. Reith) 3:02
  8. For Your Eyes Only (Arr. D. Reith) 3:01
  9. From Russia With Love (Arr. D. Reith) 3:53
  10. Tomorrow Never Dies (Arr. D. Reith) 3:16
  11. Moonraker (Arr. D. Reith) 3:02
  12. Diamonds Are Forever (Arr. D. Reith) 2:43
  13. The Spy Who Loved Me: Nobody Does It Better (Arr. D. Reith) 2:53
  14. On Her Majesty's Secret Service: We Have All The Time In The World (Arr. D. Reith) 3:11
  15. You Only Live Twice (Arr. D. Reith) 2:46
  16. Licence To Kill (Arr. D. Reith) 3:29
Dieter Reith Power-plant
Dieter Reith Power-Plant