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Pipe Major Jim Motherwell

Albums by Pipe Major Jim Motherwell

Pipe Major Jim Motherwell 5th Queen's Piper

Pipe Major Jim Motherwell — 5th Queen's Piper

Released 1/1/1999
  1. Pride In Our Nation 3:24
  2. The Strangest Dream 3:28
  3. Scots Wha' Hae/Iz And Bet The Princeton Ladies/Dot's Courage 2:40
  4. Always Argyll 2:02
  5. New Hampshire Highland Games/Sally Free And Easy/Stumpie/Demetris Suspicion/Plymouth Argyll/Patti's Pictures/Train Journey North/Tricia's Jig 5:54
  6. Glencoe/Highland Laddie/The Campbells Are Coming 2:54
  7. Marine Corp Hymn/Desert Storm/The Corps/Life On The Ocean Wave 4:34
  8. The Dark Island/The Skye Boat Song/Westering Home 4:17
  9. Crimea Long Reveille: The Soldiers Return/Grannie Duncan/The Wearing Of The Green/Grannie Duncan/Miss Girdle/Erchless Castle/Hey Johnny Cope 4:27
  10. Mrs. Susie Graham's Skinny Pipe Major/The 9 O'Clock Walk/The Clumsy Lover 1:36
  11. Cuillin Sunset 3:07
  12. Mingulay Boat Song/Glasgow City Police Pipers/H.M. The Queen's Jig/Itchy Fingers/Banjo Breakdown 4:44
  13. The Haunting/Samantha's Lullaby/The Rowan Tree/The London Scottish/The Calypso Piper 4:16
  14. Flower Of Scotland/Auld Lang Syne 3:16