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Albums by Submission

Submission Aural Float
Submission Creation Of A New Generation
Submission I Love To Dance (4-Track Maxi-Single)

Submission — I Love To Dance (4-Track Maxi-Single)

Released 7/11/2005
  1. I Love To Dance (Radio Edit) 3:54
  2. I Love To Dance (Club Mix) 5:41
  3. I Love To Dance (Daniél Pélé & Raik B's Psycho Elektro Mix) 5:59
  4. I Love To Dance (Nimrott Remix) 4:55
Submission Letters From My Soul
Submission Love To Dance
Submission Renewed Vision - Single

Submission — Renewed Vision - Single

Released 12/30/2010
  1. Renewed Vision 3:58
  2. Worthy Alone 3:35
Submission Submission
Submission The Night Stalker

Submission — The Night Stalker

Released 12/27/2012
  1. The Night Stalker (Original Mix) 8:05
Submission Time Bomb

Submission — Time Bomb

Released 9/2/2012
  1. Time Bomb 4:01