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Michael Franks

Albums by Michael Franks

Michael Franks Abandoned Garden
Michael Franks Barefoot On The Beach
Michael Franks Blue Pacific
Michael Franks Burchfield Nines
Michael Franks Dragonfly Summer
Michael Franks Love Songs
Michael Franks Objects Of Desire
Michael Franks One Bad Habit

Michael Franks — One Bad Habit

Released 12/13/2011
  1. Baseball (Album Version) 3:49
  2. Inside You (Album Version) 4:14
  3. All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go (Album Version) 3:48
  4. Lotus Blossom (Album Version) 4:20
  5. On My Way Home To You (Album Version) 4:53
  6. One Bad Habit (Album Version) 4:04
  7. Loving You More And More (Album Version) 3:46
  8. Still Life (Album Version) 4:15
  9. He Tells Himself He's Happy (Album Version) 5:08
Michael Franks Passion Fruit
Michael Franks Previously Unavailable
Michael Franks Skin Dive

Michael Franks — Skin Dive

Released 12/13/2011
  1. Read My Lips (Album Version) 3:42
  2. Let Me Count The Ways (Album Version) 4:34
  3. Your Secret's Safe With Me (Album Version) 4:40
  4. Don't Be Shy (Album Version) 5:07
  5. When I Give My Love To You (Album Version) 4:26
  6. Queen Of The Underground (Album Version) 4:28
  7. Now I Know Why [They Call It Falling] (Album Version) (They Call It Falling Album Version) 4:55
  8. Please Don't Say Goodnight (Album Version) 4:52
  9. When She Is Mine (Album Version) 5:24
Michael Franks Sleeping Gypsy

Michael Franks — Sleeping Gypsy

Released 12/13/2011
  1. The Lady Wants To Know (Album Version) 4:44
  2. I Really Hope It's You (Album Version) 4:58
  3. In The Eye Of The Storm (Album Version) 5:56
  4. B'wana-He No Home (Album Version) 4:57
  5. Don't Be Blue (Album Version) 3:31
  6. Antonio's Song (The Rainbow) (Album Version) (The Rainbow Album Version) 5:05
  7. Chain Reaction (Album Version) 5:15
  8. Down In Brazil (Album Version) 4:32
Michael Franks The Art Of Tea
Michael Franks The Best Of Michael Franks: A Backward Glance
Michael Franks The Camera Never Lies

Michael Franks — The Camera Never Lies

Released 12/13/2011
  1. Face To Face [For P.Y.] (Album Version) (For P.Y. Album Version) 4:27
  2. I Surrender (Album Version) 4:04
  3. The Camera Never Lies (Album Version) 3:40
  4. Lip Service (Album Version) 4:15
  5. When I Think Of Us (Album Version) 4:22
  6. Island Life (Album Version) 4:22
  7. Now You're In My Dreams (Album Version) 4:13
  8. Doctor Sax (Album Version) 5:53
  9. Innuendo (Album Version) 5:53
Michael Franks Tiger In The Rain
Michael Franks Time Together
Michael Franks Watching The Snow