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Hardhittaz Advisory

Hardhittaz — Advisory

Released 12/5/2006
  1. Intro Feat Penn, Jodie Blacc And Big Stu 1:54
  2. Virginia Feat 6 Sense, A.N.O., Khard, Mazerati, Doug Brown And Jodie Blacc 3:58
  3. Ain't Worried About It Feat A.N.O., Khard And Penn 2:37
  4. Excuse Me (Remix) Feat A.N.O., Penn, 6 Sense And O-Rig 3:31
  5. Makin' Money Feat Jodie Blacc And Doug Brown 5:03
  6. Hypnosis Feat Penn, 6 Sense And O-Rig 5:39
  7. When I'm On That Feat Penn And Khard 3:24
  8. What Can We Do Feat Khard, Kelly And A.N.O. 3:23
  9. Rock-A-Bye Baby Feat Khard And Penn 3:18
  10. From The City Feat O-Rig And Penn 3:20
  11. I'm Fresh Feat Mazerati, Jodie Blacc, And Doug Brown 3:51
  12. Go Head Feat A.N.O., Doug Brown, Jodie Blacc And Mazerati 3:47
  13. Jane Feat Mazerati, Big Stu, Jodie Blacc, And Penn 4:24
  14. Slow Down Feat Mazerati And A.N.O. 3:23
  15. Get Ya Mind Right Feat 6 Sense, Jodie Blacc, And O-Rig 3:07
  16. The Letter Skit Feat Jodie Blacc 1:44
  17. What It Do Feat Jodie Blacc And A.N.O. 2:46
  18. U Don't Understand Feat O-Rig, 6 Sense, Penn, A.N.O., And Mazerati 2:49
  19. Ride Feat Doug Brown, Jodie Blacc And Mazerati 4:26
Hardhittaz Chi/NY Connection