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Rusty Halo

Albums by Rusty Halo

Rusty Halo Heard It On Talk Radio
Rusty Halo Not Ready For Radio

Rusty Halo — Not Ready For Radio

Released 6/29/2005
  1. Down In Texas With George's Ex's 2:18
  2. My Wife's Starting To Look Like My Mother-In-Law 2:37
  3. Wal-Mart Fart Incident 2:52
  4. See The Postmaster 2:37
  5. The Fat Man Song 3:19
  6. Swimmin With Bowlegged Women 2:25
  7. I Still Miss My Lady But My Aim's Getting Better 2:44
  8. Don't Go In The Hayfield With Jennifer Mayfield 1:55
  9. Her Eyes Were Blue (My Duet With Elvis) 2:36
  10. Words I Never Say 2:43
  11. Moth Man Of West Virginia 3:27