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Michael Fix

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Michael Fix Classicfix
Michael Fix Classic Fix
Michael Fix Rewind
Michael Fix Something's Cooking
Michael Fix Tantalise
Michael Fix The Heart Has Reasons
Michael Fix Transfixed
Michael Fix Two Timing

Michael Fix — Two Timing

Released 4/15/2011
  1. Guanches (Feat. Andrea Valeri) 3:36
  2. Mas Que Nada (Feat. Stephen Bennett) 3:03
  3. My Sweet Baby (Feat. Nick Charles) 3:45
  4. Martina (Feat. Tommy Emmanuel) 3:51
  5. Two Guitars (Feat. Justin Mccoy) 3:10
  6. All My Loving (Feat. Adam Rafferty) 3:12
  7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Feat. Bruce Mathiske) 3:56
  8. Demolition Derby (Feat. Brendan Radford) 3:00
  9. Baby's Coming Home (Feat. Tommy Emmanuel) 2:17
  10. Happy To Be Happy (Feat. Jason Mcgregor) 2:47
  11. Old Guitar Blues (Feat. Paul Robert Burton And Andrew Toner) 3:50
  12. When I Fall In Love (Feat. Louie Shelton) 2:47
  13. Optimystical (Feat. Sam Shepherd) 2:54
  14. Victory Rag/Doc's Guitar (Feat. Nick Charles) 2:55
  15. Danny Boy/Ashokan Farewell (Feat. Paul Robert Burton And Andrew Toner) 3:40