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Bio Fractal Music Project Medicin For Depression
Bio Fractal Music Project Snowy Fairy Tale

Bio Fractal Music Project — Snowy Fairy Tale

Released 3/14/2005
  1. The Snowy Fairy Flew Down 1:44
  2. The Tale Of The Love A Fairy Tells 1:16
  3. The Royal Prince Became A Frog By Dark Magic 3:32
  4. Dawn In The Woods Of Winter 1:57
  5. The Royal Princess A Fairy Tells 1:33
  6. The Love And Prayer Of A Royal Princess 2:23
  7. A Fairy Whispered Wisdom To The Royal Princess 1:12
  8. Incantation Of Magic Was Broken 2:13
  9. The Royal Prince Returned To Man 2:05
  10. The Great Love Extinguished The Dark World 3:04
  11. After That Of Prince And Princess A Fairy Tells 2:04
  12. Pass The Time Far 1:44
  13. The Fairy's Greeting Of Good-Bye 2:13
  14. The Noble Pace To The Future 3:26