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Albums by P.O.R.N.

P.O.R.N. A Decade In Glitter And Danger
P.O.R.N. Experiments In Feedback
P.O.R.N. From The Void To The Infinite
P.O.R.N. Wine, Women, And Song...

P.O.R.N. — Wine, Women, And Song...

Released 10/26/2004
  1. Succulento 11:56
  2. Mastodon Entrée 3:17
  3. Glory Will Be Mine 4:52
  4. Morning Star Rising 5:41
  5. The Five Books Of Theaeneas Book I. Descent Book II. Assembly Of The Silent Book III. Chimaera Awakens Book IV. What New DesireOf Blood Book V. Purging B 14:41
  6. Last Song 11:29