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Robbie Byrne

Albums by Robbie Byrne

Robbie Byrne Irish Tranquility
Robbie Byrne The Journey

Robbie Byrne — The Journey

Released 6/7/2013
  1. An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarriag (Meet At The Rock) Irish Air 3:33 3:34
  2. An Bhean Tincearca/Cal Callaghan's/Sean Reid's Reels 4:01
  3. The Futility Of War (Galway Reel) 5:22
  4. The Old Triangle 3:47
  5. A Stor Mo Chroi (Treasure Of My Heart) 3:24
  6. Killaron's Reel/The Steampacket Reel 2:19
  7. (Part Two) An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarriag (Meet At The Rock) 6:09
  8. The Amazing Foxchase 6:42
  9. Fath Mo Bhuarta (Cause Of My Sorrow) Air 2:39
  10. The Pebbled Shore (By Robbie Byrne) 7:24
  11. The Ballintore Fancy/Leitrim Jig/Jig/Queen Of The Rushes J 6:07
  12. A Tune For Steven (By Robbie Byrne) 4:09