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Albums by Jetboy

Jetboy A Day In The Glamourous Life
Jetboy Damned Nation
Jetboy Feel The Shake

Jetboy — Feel The Shake

Released 4/1/2007
  1. Feel The Shake 4:18
Jetboy Lost And Found
Jetboy Make Some More Noise
Jetboy Off Your Rocker

Jetboy — Off Your Rocker

Released 2/1/2010
  1. Perfectly Wrong 4:15
  2. Going Down (Above The Clouds) 3:42
  3. Dogs Gotta Roam 3:42
  4. High Gear (Live) 4:27
  5. Crank It Up (Live) 4:45
  6. Losin' Streak (Live) 4:48
Jetboy One More For Rock 'n' Roll !
Jetboy The Glam Years