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Albums by Myron

Myron Destiny
Myron Free
Myron If It Ends

Myron — If It Ends

Released 12/19/2010
  1. If It Ends 4:09
Myron Love Is In The Air (Single)

Myron — Love Is In The Air (Single)

Released 10/9/2009
  1. Love Is In The Air 3:22
Myron On Air
Myron One Step Closer
Myron Wonderful To Me

Myron — Wonderful To Me

Released 9/25/2009
  1. Wonderful To Me (Duet With Jenniffer Kae) 3:22
  2. See Your Face Again 4:17
  3. Back To You 3:18
  4. I'll Get Over You 3:19