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Albums by Midnite

Midnite Aneed
Midnite Assini
Midnite Be Strong
Midnite Better World Rasta

Midnite — Better World Rasta

Released 9/25/2012
  1. Better World Rasta 3:22
Midnite Children Of Jah

Midnite — Children Of Jah

Released 9/25/2012
  1. Children Of Jah 3:36
Midnite Children Of Jah Dubs
Midnite Free Indeed
Midnite Geoman
Midnite Infinite Dub
Midnite Infinite Quality
Midnite Kings Bell
Midnite Let Live
Midnite Live
Midnite Live In Eugene
Midnite Love Is Among

Midnite — Love Is Among

Released 10/1/2012
  1. Love Is Among 4:35
Midnite Love Song

Midnite — Love Song

Released 9/26/2012
  1. Love Song 4:30
Midnite Nemozian Rasta
Midnite Ras Mek Peace
Midnite Rule The Time
Midnite Scheme A Things
Midnite Standing Ground (Deluxe)
Midnite Standing Ground Dub
Midnite Suns Of Atom
Midnite Supplication To Him
Midnite Treasure
Midnite Unpolished