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Man At Arms

Albums by Man At Arms

Man At Arms A Waste of Time and Space
Man At Arms A Waste Of Time And Space
Man At Arms Being And Commerce

Man At Arms — Being And Commerce

Released 7/20/2005
  1. Courtesy Call (An Invitation To Trivial Consumption Habits) 2:14
  2. Super Imposition (An Attempt To Critique Liguistic Syntax Structures In Relation To Context) 1:42
  3. Incredible Prices (An Inquiry Into The Seductive Power Of Competitive Marketing And It's Properties Of Distraction) 2:29
  4. Horrible Professions (A Modern Blues On The Plight Of The Contemporary Worker And His/Her Lack Of Options) 1:48
  5. Xmas Badger (A Critical Interpretation Of The Extended Metaphor's Short-Comings In Comparative Analysis) 1:27
  6. The Shaming (An Exploration In Selfhood With An Illustrative Anecdote Demonstrating A Problem Of Self-Awareness) 4:02
Man At Arms Gallaudet