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The Perrys

Albums by The Perrys

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The Perrys — Remembering The Happy Goodmans

Released 9/13/2005
  1. When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven 1:49
  2. Who Am I 3:25
  3. Shoutin' Sounds (US3U80502718) 3:19
  4. Over The Next Hill (We'll Be Home) 3:22
  5. I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now 2:43
  6. How Much More 4:17
  7. When It All Starts Happening, I'll Be There 2:17
  8. Eastern Gate 3:22
  9. I'm Living In Canaan Now 2:05
  10. I Don't Regret A Mile 3:38
  11. The Sweetest Song I Know 2:11
  12. Wait'll You See My Brand New Home 4:24
  13. I'm Too Near Home 2:01
  14. God Walks The Dark Hills 3:55
  15. What A Beautiful Day 3:20
  16. When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky 2:15