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Young MayLay

Albums by Young MayLay

Young MayLay San Andreas The Original Mixtape (Parental Advisory)
Young MayLay The Real Coast Guard

Young MayLay — The Real Coast Guard

Released 6/17/2011
  1. Necklace Jumpin (West Or Nothin) 3:09
  2. Turn Around Trip 2:18
  3. Rock The Beat (Feat. Wc) 3:49
  4. You Aint Uh 4:24
  5. The East Side (Feat. Bad Lucc) 3:24
  6. I Remember (Feat. Jelly Roll) 1:52
  7. West Coast (Feat. Wc, King T) 3:19
  8. Every Thang Is Gonna Be Alright (Feat. Traci Nelson) 3:51