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Nnenna Freelon

Albums by Nnenna Freelon

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Nnenna Freelon Blueprint Of A Lady
Nnenna Freelon Blueprint Of A Lady: Sketches Of Billie Holiday
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Nnenna Freelon Songs For The Soul

Nnenna Freelon — Songs For The Soul

Released 6/1/2010
  1. Afro-American Suite: Andante 4:37
  2. Afro-American Suite: Allegro Molto E Marcato 1:55
  3. Afro-American Suite: Adagio Ma Appassionato 3:45
  4. Afro-American Suite: Allegro Molto 2:00
  5. Spirit Songs: Call And Response 8:21
  6. Spirit Songs: Gospels, Serenades, And Vamps 10:46
  7. Spirit Songs: Shouts 5:41
  8. Soul Goes Home: Prelude To A Mornin' 2:46
  9. Soul Goes Home: Mother's Lament 1:19
  10. Soul Goes Home: Death Wish 2:35
  11. Soul Goes Home: Shame, Shame, Shame 3:47
  12. Soul Goes Home: Manners & Morals 1:39
  13. Soul Goes Home: Undernourishment 2:00
  14. Soul Goes Home: Interlude & Soul Reflection 1:15
  15. Soul Goes Home: I Could Have Let You Die 3:03
  16. Soul Goes Home: Hant Me 0:58
  17. Soul Goes Home: Reprise Lament 0:56
  18. Soul Goes Home: Soul Gone Home 3:14
  19. Grist For The Mill: Wolf Gyrator 2:34
  20. Grist For The Mill: Invicible Separator 2:51
  21. Grist For The Mill: Bran Shaker 3:53
Nnenna Freelon Soulcall