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Nora Dean

Albums by Nora Dean

Nora Dean Break Through
Nora Dean Down On My Knee
Nora Dean Down On My Knees

Nora Dean — Down On My Knees

Released 1/1/1999
  1. Down On My Knees 5:57
  2. My Guide 4:58
  3. Stand By Me 4:16
  4. Cloudless Day 3:29
  5. Why Don't You Praise Him 4:04
  6. Drive The Nail In His Hand 5:09
  7. Medley: Amazing Grace/Praise God/We're Going Home/If We Tarry/Are You Washed/Better Get Right/He Is Sweet/If You Know The Lord/God Shall Wipe/Bring Them In/John Saw Them/We Shall See The King/Ring Heaven Bell 9:07
  8. I Rather Have Jesus 3:40
  9. Weaping And Wailing 4:45
  10. In The Cross 6:51
Nora Dean Merry Christmas
Nora Dean My Soul Loves Jesus
Nora Dean The Love Of God- Reach Down For Me

Nora Dean — The Love Of God- Reach Down For Me

Released 1/1/2000
  1. Medley: Mother Of Great Stone/Daniel God/Some Sweet Day/I Am Under The Rock/Get On The Glory Road/Yes Lord Yes 10:25
  2. Jesus Is There Right Now 5:18
  3. When He Reaches 5:10
  4. No Charge 3:46
  5. It Will Be Worth It All 4:29
  6. The Love Of God 4:53
  7. Who Am I 5:13
  8. He Do It Again 5:08
  9. Ten Thousand Angel 5:23