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The Lack

Albums by The Lack

The Lack Be There Pulse
The Lack Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs

The Lack — Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs

Released 10/10/2011
  1. Zur Genealogie Des Modernen Menschen 2:50
  2. Pessimist Poetry 2:53
  3. Achilles And The Tortoise 3:52
  4. Solipsist Letter To The World 4:29
  5. When Even The Most Honest Of Emotions Turns To A Commodity.... 6:10
  6. Kill Britney 2:58
  7. Falling From The Peak Of Truth To The Catastrophe Of The Disillusioned 2:37
  8. Dawn 5:06
  9. The Only Thing That Can Save Us Is Despair 3:19
  10. Great Russian Nihilists 5:23
The Lack Saturate Every Atom
The Lack The Lack