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Michael Atherton

Albums by Michael Atherton

Michael Atherton Abundance
Michael Atherton Ankh: The Sound Of Ancient Egypt

Michael Atherton — Ankh: The Sound Of Ancient Egypt

Released 1/1/1998
  1. Atum (Creator Sungod): I. Song 1:09
  2. Atum (Creator Sungod): II. Instrumental (Harp, Undongo) 6:46
  3. Atum (Creator Sungod): III. Instrumental (Bendir, Tapan) 3:19
  4. Atum (Creator Sungod): IV. Instrumental (Sistrum Ensemble, Voice) 1:15
  5. Atum (Creator Sungod): V. Instrumental (Arghul) 3:52
  6. Maat (Truth, Balance, Order): I. Song (Voice, Sistrum, Tapan, Puk) 1:59
  7. Maat (Truth, Balance, Order): II. Instrumental (Egyptian Trumpet, Barrel Drums, Puk, Cymbals) 1:35
  8. Maat (Truth, Balance, Order): III. Instrumental (Boat-Shaped Harp, Rewap) 3:37
  9. Maat (Truth, Balance, Order): IV. Intrumental (Nay) 4:01
  10. Maat (Truth, Balance, Order): V. Instrumental (Double-Reed Pipes, Gaval, Riq) 4:36
  11. Khet (The Physical Body): I. Song (Voice, Modified Oud, Crotala, Hand Claps, Papyrus) 1:49
  12. Khet (The Physical Body): II. Instrumental (Bamboo Flute, Tar) 6:26
  13. Khet (The Physical Body): III. Instrumental (Boat-Shaped Harp) 5:01
  14. Khet (The Physical Body): IV. Instrumental (Voices, Rewap, Arghul, Trigon, Riq, Bendir, Hand Claps) 2:13
  15. Shen (Eternity): I. Instrumental (Sistrum, Clapper Bells, Pellet Bells, Crotala, Cymbals) 2:20
  16. Shen (Eternity): II. Instrumental (Rewap, Riq, Gaval) 4:28
  17. Shen (Eternity): III. Song (Voices, Boat-Shaped Harp, Trigon, Sistrum) 5:02
  18. Shen (Eternity): IV. Instrumental (Nay) 2:45
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