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Create From Earth To Mars
Create Most Confident Ep

Create — Most Confident Ep

Released 5/21/2013
  1. Most Confident (Feat. Wildchild & Med) 2:52
  2. Most Confident (Feat. Wildchild & Med) [Freddie Cruger Remix][Freddie Cruger Remix] 2:45
  3. Click Clack Flow (Feat. Mykill Miers)[Freddie Cruger Remix] 3:11
  4. Click Clack Flow (Feat. Mykill Miers) [Max I Million Remix][Max I Million Remix] 3:22
  5. The Most Confident (Instrumental)[Instrumental] 2:52
  6. The Most Confident (Freddie Cruger Remix) [Instrumental][Instrumental] 2:45
  7. Click Clak Flow (Instrumental)[Instrumental] 3:11
  8. Click Clack Flow (Max I Million Remix) [Instrumental][Instrumental] 3:20