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Lisa Levine

Albums by Lisa Levine

Lisa Levine Gems Of The High Holy Days
Lisa Levine Reaching For Peace
Lisa Levine Sowing Seeds

Lisa Levine — Sowing Seeds

Released 11/1/2013
  1. Ahavat Olam (Feat. Hannah Spiro) 3:36
  2. Misheberach (Feat. Sam Glaser) 3:01
  3. We Will Sing (Feat. Julie Silver) 4:13
  4. There Is A Time (Feat. Todd Herzog) 3:17
  5. Grant Peace (Feat. Lori Williams) 3:42
  6. Ein Keloheinu (Feat. Noah Aronson) 3:14
  7. Ruach Elohim (Feat. Doug Cotler) 3:04
  8. Hallelu (Feat. Peri Smilow) 3:54
  9. V'sham'ru (Feat. Gerard Edery) 4:07
  10. Yotzeir Or (Feat. Mikey Pauker) 4:21