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Janey Clewer

Albums by Janey Clewer

Janey Clewer Call Me Romantic
Janey Clewer Fallen For Brazil
Janey Clewer Janey Clewer
Janey Clewer Kiss By Kiss
Janey Clewer Love

Janey Clewer — Love

Released 4/4/2012
  1. Love (Feat. Peter Cetera, Jaimee Paul, Marc Jordan, Joe Chemay, Tamara Champlin & Bill Champlin) 4:37
  2. Fallin' In Love (Feat. Bill Champlin) 4:15
  3. Won't Go Back (Feat. Randy Waldman) 4:55
  4. Two Shooting Stars (Feat. Marc Jordan) 4:21
  5. Can't Let You Go With My Heart (Feat. Richard Marx) 3:46
  6. Impossible (Feat. Joshua Payne) 3:43
  7. Call Me Romantic (Feat. Jay Graydon) 4:15
  8. God's Perfect Plan (Feat. Peter Cetera) 3:56
  9. Only Time Will Tell (Feat. Eric Carmen) 3:53
  10. Forever Valentines (Feat. Bill Champlin) 4:29
  11. Exposed (Feat. Neal Coomer) 4:17
  12. Lovers Are Never Lost (Feat. Bruce Gaitsch) 3:37
  13. The Last Words You Said (Feat. David Davidson) 4:03
  14. If Only For Tonight (Feat. Joe Chemay) 4:43
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