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Albums by Patra

Patra Bad In Bed - Single

Patra — Bad In Bed - Single

Released 7/16/2013
  1. Bad In Bed 3:24
Patra Come Ova - Single

Patra — Come Ova - Single

Released 6/12/2012
  1. Come Ova 2:58
Patra Patra
Patra Queen Of The Pack
Patra Scent Of Attraction
Patra Silly Little Walls

Patra — Silly Little Walls

Released 4/30/2013
  1. Silly Little Walls 4:31
Patra Sweet Reggae Music

Patra — Sweet Reggae Music

Released 6/4/2013
  1. Sweet Reggae Music 4:46
Patra The Great Escape