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Melissa Adams

Albums by Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams Criminal

Melissa Adams — Criminal

Released 1/15/2012
  1. Criminal (But Mama I’m In Love With A Criminal) 3:43
  2. Arms (You Put Your Arms) 4:17
  3. Was A Time 3:50
  4. All Good Things (Come To An End) 3:46
  5. Hot Summer 3:30
Melissa Adams I Don't Care I Love It
Melissa Adams I'll Be Your Keeper For Life (The Guardian Is Ready For You)

Melissa Adams — I'll Be Your Keeper For Life (The Guardian Is Ready For You)

Released 9/27/2012
  1. Guardian (I'll Be Your Angel On Call) 4:18
  2. Give Your Heart A Break (Don't Wanna Break Your Heart) 3:25
  3. Primadonna (All I Ever Wanted Was The World) 3:41
  4. How We Do (Party) [Party And Bullshit] 4:07
  5. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) 3:41
  6. Hung Up (Every Little Thing That You Say Or Do) 5:37
  7. Was A Time (Looking Out For All Those Hidden Signs) 3:50
  8. R.I.P. (I Am Ready For You) 3:50
  9. This Is The Life (Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight?) 3:02
  10. Say It Right (In The Day, In The Night) 3:37
  11. The Fear (I Wanna Be Rich And I Want Lots Of Money) 3:26
  12. My Life Would Suck Without You (Cause We Belong Together Now, Yeah) 3:36
  13. Wonderland (I Want The Love, The Money And The Perfect Ending) 3:31
  14. Born This Way (Don't Be A Drag Just Be A Queen) 4:23
  15. So What (I Am A Rock Star) 3:36
  16. Gotta Be Somebody (Cause Nobody Wants To Be The Last One There) 4:06
  17. Yoü And I (Yes Something About You And I) 5:03
  18. Guardian (Originally Performed By Alanis Morissette) [Karaoke Version] 4:18
Melissa Adams Somebody That I Used To Know (Brokenhearted Primadonna)
Melissa Adams This Girl Is On Fire

Melissa Adams — This Girl Is On Fire

Released 3/15/2013
  1. Girl On Fire 3:44
  2. A Thousand Years 4:44
  3. I Love It (I Don't Care) 2:35