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Frank Smith

Albums by Frank Smith

Frank Smith Assemblance Of Rings
Frank Smith Before You Were Born
Frank Smith Big Strike In Silver City
Frank Smith Chasing Chances
Frank Smith Gardens Of Hope
Frank Smith Heavy Handed Peace & Love
Frank Smith Hope Returns

Frank Smith — Hope Returns

Released 2/1/2012
  1. Steady Breeze (Feat. Michael Manring) 3:43
  2. The Open Sea (Feat. Michael Manring & Kat Epple) 7:36
  3. Falling (Feat. Michael Manring) 5:20
  4. Trail Of Tears (Feat. Kat Epple) 6:05
  5. As If (Feat. Michael Manring & William Covington) 4:45
  6. In The Clouds (Feat. Michael Manring & Kat Epple) 6:14
  7. Song For Day One (Feat. Michael Manring) 5:50
  8. Justlove (Feat. Michael Manring & Kat Epple) 5:42
  9. With Angels (Feat. Michael Manring) 6:07
  10. Ann's Song (Feat. Michael Manring & Paul Speer) 3:39
  11. Spaces (Feat. Michael Manring) 7:40
Frank Smith I'm Coming Over