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James MacColl

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James MacColl Scottish Bagpipe Tunes

James MacColl — Scottish Bagpipe Tunes

Released 1/1/1961
  1. Medley: Champion Of The Seas/Tarter's Hornpipe/Liverpool Hornpipe 2:41
  2. Medley: Balmoral Castle/Captain Jack Murray/De'il Among The Tailor's 1:37
  3. Medley: Wa'll Be King But Charlie?/Bonnie Charlie's Noo Awa'/Up In The Morning Early/Bonnie Gallaway 3:09
  4. Medley: Money Musk/Brahan Castle/Kessoch Ferry/Birks Of Albergeldy/Man From Glengarry/Mrs. Guthrie Of Tillerfort 3:36
  5. The Hen's March 1:05
  6. The Connaughtman's Rambles 1:03
  7. Medley: Anniston Castle/Tulloch Gorm/Mrs. McPherson Of Inveran/The Little Cascade 3:42
  8. Medley: Unnamed/Bobbie Cuthbertson/Liverpool Hornpipe 3:26
  9. Medley: The Goat Herd/The Irish Washerwoman 1:56
  10. Lament For The Children 16:48
  11. Medley: Over The Seas To Skye/Fair Young Mary/Dream Angus 4:38
  12. Medley: Banjo Breakdown/Unnamed/Glendural Highlands 2:40