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Allan Harrington

Albums by Allan Harrington

Allan Harrington Elephant In The Room
Allan Harrington Nothing But Trouble

Allan Harrington — Nothing But Trouble

Released 9/20/2009
  1. Nothing But Trouble (Feat. Anthony Junior) 4:10
  2. Some Big Blues (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 4:24
  3. Nobody Home (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 4:59
  4. I'd Be Crying 4:51
  5. Hearing Rumors (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 4:08
  6. Listen Up Baby (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 4:30
  7. Cold Wind (Feat. Anthony Junior) 6:09
  8. Maybe I Was Wrong (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 3:34
  9. Talk To Me 4:03
  10. Roll With The Punches (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 3:42
  11. Tell Me (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 5:55
  12. Bourbon Street Boogie (Feat. Anthony Junior) 3:21
  13. Who Do You Think You Are? 3:17
  14. What's Wrong (Feat. Myriet Jno-Lewis) 4:55
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