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Albums by Wussy

Wussy Strawberry
Wussy This Will Not End Well

Wussy — This Will Not End Well

Released 10/30/2010
  1. Muscle Cars (Feat. Superaction80) 4:40
  2. Sun Giant Says Hey (Feat. The Alter Boys) 3:34
  3. Jonah (Feat. Djdq) 3:58
  4. Happiness Bleeds (Feat. Lesniak W/Cuddly D) 5:20
  5. Maglite (Feat. Coltrane Motion) 3:18
  6. Little Paper Birds (Feat. Eagle To Squirrel) 5:28
  7. Gone Missing (Feat. Amy Ketchum) 4:10
  8. Vivian Girls (Feat. Swanshit) 6:15
  9. This Will Not End Well (Feat. Bullpen Weaver W/Mark Messerly) 3:18
  10. Muscle Cars (Feat. New Fidelity Collective) 4:45