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Bill Cunliffe

Albums by Bill Cunliffe

Bill Cunliffe Enchanted Journey
Bill Cunliffe Imaginacion
Bill Cunliffe It's About Love
Bill Cunliffe Just Duet, Vol.2
Bill Cunliffe Mort Weiss Meets Bill Cunliffe
Bill Cunliffe Satisfaction
Bill Cunliffe That Time Of Year
Bill Cunliffe The Blues And The Abstract Truth , Take 2
Bill Cunliffe The L.A. Sessions

Bill Cunliffe — The L.A. Sessions

Released 2/21/2012
  1. Woody N' You (Originally Performed By Dizzy Gillespie) 5:42
  2. Quasimodo (Originally Performed By Charlie Parker) 5:21
  3. It Could Happen To You (Originally Performed By Burke / Van Heusen) 5:49
  4. Celia (Originally Performed By Bud Powell) 5:49
  5. Far Away 5:35
  6. Whisper Not (Originally Performed By Benny Golson) 5:46
  7. Moment's Notice (Originally Performed By John Coltrane) 5:04
  8. Bag's Groove (Originally Performed By Milt Jackson) 9:14
  9. Serpent's Tooth (Originally Performed By Miles Davis) 5:06
  10. Quasimodo (Bonus Track: Originally Performed By Charlie Parker) 5:30
  11. Woody N' You (Bonus Track: Originally Performed By Dizzy Gillespie) 5:35
  12. Celia (Bonus Track: Originally Performed By Bud Powell) 6:52
Bill Cunliffe Three's Company
Bill Cunliffe Transformation
Bill Cunliffe Viva Mexico, Romantic Fantasy

Bill Cunliffe — Viva Mexico, Romantic Fantasy

Released 7/28/2008
  1. Romantic Fantasy: I. Allegro Moderato 12:55
  2. Romantic Fantasy: Ii. Andante Con Moto 8:14
  3. Romantic Fantasy: Iii. Allegro Scherzando 12:31
  4. Viva Mexico 13:21