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Gordon Walker

Albums by Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker Across The Waters
Gordon Walker Lone Pipers: Monument To Perfection

Gordon Walker — Lone Pipers: Monument To Perfection

Released 8/8/2007
  1. Queen Elizabeth March; Queen Elizabeth's Birthday March 2:12
  2. Leaving Barra; Stornoway Hornpipe; Major Nickersons Fancy 3:23
  3. Colins's Cattle; Lochanside; My Land 3:44
  4. Molly Connell; Mac An Irish; Devil In The Kitchen; Barney's Balm 2:38
  5. Piper Of Dunnyveig; Loch Maree 2:21
  6. Mrs John Maccoll; Shepherds Crook; Sound Of Sleat 3:43
  7. Conundrum; Taking Of Beaumont Hamel 3:51
  8. 74ths Highlanders; 71st Highlanders 3:46
  9. Battle Of Waterloo; Crusaders March; Soldier's Return 2:15
  10. 'an Taigh Dubh' - The Black House 2:30
  11. Burning Mill At Messines 1:26
  12. Nut Brown Maiden; Rowan Tree; Sarie Marais 2:11