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Barry Wedgle

Albums by Barry Wedgle

Barry Wedgle 17
Barry Wedgle Almost Solo
Barry Wedgle San Souci
Barry Wedgle Singin'

Barry Wedgle — Singin'

Released 2/19/2011
  1. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Feat. Sinne Eeg) 3:35
  2. My Funny Valintine (Feat. Jay Mcgovern) 6:27
  3. The Peacocks 6:28
  4. Nights Of Love (Feat. Charito) 5:04
  5. Close Your Eyes (Feat. Sinne Eeg) 3:06
  6. Falling In Love With Love (Feat. Jay Mcgovern) 4:15
  7. On The Day You Leave (Feat. Crystal Bliss & Max Wedgle) 4:38
  8. These Foolish Things (Feat. Sinne Eeg) 3:39
  9. Aftermath (Feat. Anna) 5:48
  10. Spanish Harlem (Feat. Flavia De Mellow) 2:50
  11. In Your Dreams (Feat. Julia) 4:42