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Javi Picazo

Albums by Javi Picazo

Javi Picazo Painted

Javi Picazo — Painted

Released 12/25/2012
  1. Greatest (Painted Intro) (Original Mix) 3:11
  2. Supaman (Day Off) (Feat. The Poet, Yosh) (Original Mix) 3:14
  3. Don't Wanna Be Right (Feat. Rev P) (Original Mix) 3:21
  4. Swag Do The Talkin (Feat. Lucky Luciano, Max Minelli, Stunta) (Original Mix) 5:15
  5. Push Up On It (Feat. Marty Jayr) (Original Mix) 3:31
  6. Beautiful Day (Feat. J-Minixx) (Original Mix) 3:40
  7. Never Sell Out (Feat. Rev P) (Original Mix) 3:55
  8. Refuse To Fail (Feat. Indecent) (Original Mix) 2:52
  9. Other Work (Feat. J-Minixx) (Original Mix) 3:55
  10. Ice Cream Dream (Feat. J-Minixx) (Original Mix) 3:53
  11. I Won't Stop (Feat. Devioso Clean) (Original Mix) 3:05
  12. A Million Dollaz (Feat. Psd, J-Minixx) (Original Mix) 4:05
  13. Fly (Feat. Russell Lee) (Original Mix) 4:01
  14. Doin Me (Feat. P-Child, Smuggla, Baby Bash) (Original Mix) 3:13
  15. Got The Flow (Original Mix) 2:47
  16. Dreaming (Feat. Philthy Rich, Smuggla) (Original Mix) 3:43
  17. Ain't No Such Thing (Original Mix) 3:26
  18. F*ckin Off My High (Original Mix) 2:46
  19. Show Up Show Out (Feat. Xavier Picazo Aka (Young Javi), The Poet) (Original Mix) 3:06
  20. All Good (Feat. Merciless, Yosh, Yung Dapp, H2, Shake Mayfield) (Original Mix) 5:19
  21. Good Man (Back Against The Wall) (Painted Outro) (Feat. Russell Lee) (Original Mix) 6:29