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Roby Lakatos

Albums by Roby Lakatos

Roby Lakatos Ensemble Roby Lakatos - "La Bohème"
Roby Lakatos Fire Dance
Roby Lakatos Lakatos - Live From Budapest

Roby Lakatos — Lakatos - Live From Budapest

Released 3/9/2005
  1. Live From Budapest: Symphony "The Bird In The Dust" 10:02
  2. Ja Vstretil Vas "I've Met You": Ja Vstretil Vas "I've Met You" 2:43
  3. Mama: Mama 1:52
  4. Mon Pot' Le Gitan "My Pal The Gipsy" 5:32
  5. Live From Budapest: Hora Di Marrakchi "Night In Marrakech" 4:27
  6. Tango To Evora 4:44
  7. Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, Op.214 2:58
  8. A Minute For Menuhin: A Minute For Menuhin 2:39
  9. Nuages 6:03
  10. Sirba In E Flat Major: Sirba In E Flat Major 3:49
  11. Fiddler On The Roof: Sunrise, Sunset [Fiddler On The Roof] 4:36
  12. Paraphrase In B Flat Minor 3:54
  13. Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 In C Minor 9:04
  14. Scène De Csárdás: On The Waves Of The Balaton 6:07
  15. Live From Budapest: Tomato Groove 4:42
Roby Lakatos Roby Lakatos With Musical Friends