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Rodney Jones

Albums by Rodney Jones

Rodney Jones Azure Te
Rodney Jones Christmas In My Eyes

Rodney Jones — Christmas In My Eyes

Released 11/29/2010
  1. Merry Christmas To You (Feat. Lawrence Jones) 4:14
  2. Little Drummer Boy 5:49
  3. Joy To The World (Feat. Larry Jones) 4:20
  4. Silent Night (Feat. Mark Allen Felton) 3:37
  5. Seasons Here 4:01
  6. Christmas Song (Feat. Dante Hall & Phillip Feaster) 3:07
  7. Steppin In Da Snow 2:55
  8. Come Let Us Adore Him 5:14
  9. Tranquility 4:24
  10. Nut Cracker (Feat. Tavarius Johnson (Varo)) 2:32
Rodney Jones Soul Manifesto
Rodney Jones The Resonance Of Love
Rodney Jones Vietnam (War)

Rodney Jones — Vietnam (War)

Released 11/27/2012
  1. Vietnam (War) 5:09
Rodney Jones When You Feel the Love