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Albums by BDS

BDS Good Girl

BDS — Good Girl

Released 7/17/2012
  1. Good Girl 4:06
BDS Pretty Girl

BDS — Pretty Girl

Released 7/17/2012
  1. Pretty Girl 3:53
BDS Saints Row 2 (The Remixes)

BDS — Saints Row 2 (The Remixes)

Released 7/6/2010
  1. Bds System Rmx Ft. Quan Pennz (The System Rmx Ft. Quan Pennz) 4:24
  2. Bds Chandelier Rmx Ft. Gmf (Chandelier Rmx Ft. Gmf) 4:30
  3. Bds Swingin On The Pole (Swing On The Pole) 2:49
  4. Bds Spit A Verse (Bds Spit A Verse) 3:05
  5. Bds Rapstar (Remix) (Rapstar) 2:40
  6. Bds When The Room Spins (House Remix) (When The Room Spins (House Rmx)) 3:00
  7. Bds Cry No More (Cry No More) 2:47