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Kedar Pandit

Albums by Kedar Pandit

Kedar Pandit India Celebrates Ganesha

Kedar Pandit — India Celebrates Ganesha

Released 9/29/2007
  1. Celebration 4:35
  2. Hey Dukhbhanjan (An Ode From Punjab) 6:35
  3. Baaje Re Baaje (With Love From Rajasthan) 6:37
  4. Mharo Mann Laagyo (Tribute From Gujrat) 8:10
  5. Jab Jab Paon Mein (Wild Maharastra Rejoices) 5:59
  6. Tum Mere Sartaj (Lord Of The Universe) 6:07
  7. Zoomle Re Sartaz (Passion Of Kolis) 5:21
  8. Morya Re Bappa Morya Re (India Celebrates In Harmony) 5:05
  9. Jab Jab Paon Mein (Sing Along) 5:57