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Gary Davis

Albums by Gary Davis

Gary Davis A New Jersey Story: Continuous Mix
Gary Davis Chocolate Star (2-Track Single)

Gary Davis — Chocolate Star (2-Track Single)

Released 6/3/2008
  1. The Professor's Here (Greg Wilson Remix) 7:15
  2. The Professor's Here (40 Thieves Remix) 7:29
Gary Davis Chocolate Star EP 2

Gary Davis — Chocolate Star EP 2

Released 2/24/2009
  1. Mzuri Sana (James Pants Mix) 4:06
  2. Super Ron (Chinn's Groove) 5:12
  3. The Pop (2009) 5:00
  4. 1 Lifetime (Greg Wilson Version) 7:03
  5. Sticky Situation (Feat. James Pants & The Alpha Boyz) 4:11
  6. Got To Get Your Love (Gary Davis Electronic Mix) 4:00
  7. Mzuri Sana (Space Division Mix) 7:02
Gary Davis Chocolate Star: The Very Best Of Gary Davis
Gary Davis Playing My Dues
Gary Davis Pure Religion And Bad Company
Gary Davis Remember Me

Gary Davis — Remember Me

Released 7/27/2007
  1. Remember Me (Kenny Dope Mix) 7:08
  2. Remember Me (Kenny Dope Inst) 7:07
  3. Remember Me (Kenny Dope Beats) 3:02