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Albums by Boondox

Boondox Krimson Creek
Boondox Krimson Creek (Parental Advisory)
Boondox South Of Hell
Boondox The Harvest
Boondox The Harvest (Parental Advisory)
Boondox The Underground Avengers

Boondox — The Underground Avengers

Released 8/8/2012
  1. Assemble (Feat. Nacirema) 0:19
  2. Juggernaut 4:52
  3. King Kong (Feat. Jelly Roll) 4:35
  4. Face On The Asphalt (Feat. T-Razor) 4:56
  5. I Rep (Feat. David Ray) 4:39
  6. The Anthem 5:21
  7. I'm Just Trying (Feat. Mixed Magic) 4:54
  8. Simple Man (Feat. Demi Demaree) 4:44
  9. Exit Wounds (Feat. Jason Porter, Kung Fu Vampire, Psycho Jesus, Liquid Assassin, Kidcrusher, Whitney Peyton, Darko, Mars, The R.O.C., Ajax, Grewsum, Scum, Ronnie Blaze, F.Dux & Sutter Kain) 9:01
  10. Face On The Asphalt (Molly Gruesome Remix) [Feat. Molly Gruesome & T-Razor] 5:32