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Mike Viera

Albums by Mike Viera

Mike Viera Garden Ep

Mike Viera — Garden Ep

Released 7/9/2009
  1. Shake It (Original Mix) 8:02
  2. Get Out (Original Mix) 6:00
Mike Viera Guerrilla Suburbana

Mike Viera — Guerrilla Suburbana

Released 10/8/2004
  1. Guerrilla Suburbana (Pete Tha Zouk Remix) 9:38
  2. Guerrilla Suburbana (Original Tribal Mix) 8:52
Mike Viera The Island

Mike Viera — The Island

Released 1/30/2006
  1. The Island (Original Mix) 8:06
  2. The Island (Jaimy Remix) 7:21