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Albums by Sevendust

Sevendust Animosity
Sevendust Animosity (Edited)
Sevendust Animosity (Parental Advisory)
Sevendust Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004)
Sevendust Best Of: Chapter One 1997-2004 (Edited)
Sevendust Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004) (Parental Advisory)
Sevendust Driven (Single/Amended)

Sevendust — Driven (Single/Amended)

Released 2/13/2007
  1. Driven (Amended Album Version) 3:48
Sevendust Driven (Single/Parental Advisory)

Sevendust — Driven (Single/Parental Advisory)

Released 2/13/2007
  1. Driven 3:48
Sevendust Falcons On Top (2010)

Sevendust — Falcons On Top (2010)

Released 9/29/2010
  1. Falcons On Top (2010) 2:43
Sevendust Forever (Single)

Sevendust — Forever (Single)

Released 3/30/2010
  1. Forever 3:26
Sevendust Sevendust
Sevendust Sevendust (Definitive Edition) (Parental Advisory)
Sevendust Sevendust (Parental Advisory)
Sevendust Southside Double-Wide Acoustic Live