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Albums by Automaton

Automaton Dub Terror Exhaust

Automaton — Dub Terror Exhaust

Released 1/1/2006
  1. Astral Altar (The Gateway Of Legba) 11:48
  2. Asiyah Dub (Blinding The Starry Eyes Of God) 11:14
  3. The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centaurai Year 2794 11:46
  4. The Black Meat (Deconstruction Of The Bebel-Tower Of Reason) 12:12
Automaton Look To The Skies - Ep
Automaton Post-Human
Automaton Psy Python Chronicles - Single

Automaton — Psy Python Chronicles - Single

Released 2/13/2012
  1. Psy Python Chronicles 8:05
Automaton Step Back

Automaton — Step Back

Released 7/28/2013
  1. Step Back (Original Mix) 3:30