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Benny Green

Albums by Benny Green

Benny Green Blow Your Horn With Benny Green And Paul Quinichette Remastered
Benny Green Bluebird
Benny Green Source

Benny Green — Source

Released 4/12/2011
  1. Blue Minor (Originally Performed By Sonny Clark) 5:11
  2. Way 'cross Town (Originally Performed By Carl Perkins) 4:11
  3. I Waited For You (Originally Performed By Dizzy Gillespie) 6:51
  4. Little T (Originally Performed By Donald Byrd) 4:48
  5. Cool Green (Originally Performed By Kenny Drew) 6:07
  6. Tempus Fugit (Originally Performed By Bud Powell) 3:34
  7. Park Avenue Petite (Originally Performed By Benny Golson) 6:32
  8. Chant (Originally Performed By Duke Pearson) 5:33
  9. Born To Be Blue (Originally Performed By Mel Torme) 6:34
  10. Opus De Funk (Originally Performed By Horace Silver) 4:27
Benny Green These Are Soulful Days
Benny Green The Summit Meeting

Benny Green — The Summit Meeting

Released 1/27/2006
  1. Juggin Around 6:33
  2. Slow Blue 10:47
  3. Jim Dog 7:01