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Albums by Bananafishbones

Bananafishbones 36 qm
Bananafishbones A Town Called Seven
Bananafishbones Come To Sin

Bananafishbones — Come To Sin

Released 5/31/2007
  1. Come To Sin (Radio Version) 3:23
  2. Urban Laughter 4:22
  3. Bicycle 4:52
  4. Come To Sin (Acoustic Version) 3:52
Bananafishbones Die Wilde Kerle 2: Der Soundtrack
Bananafishbones Die Wilde Kerle 3: Der Soundtrack
Bananafishbones Die Wilden Kerle
Bananafishbones Dinosaurs

Bananafishbones — Dinosaurs

Released 5/31/2007
  1. Dinosaurs 3:10
  2. My Lovely Senorita 4:52
  3. What An Ending 4:12
  4. Dinosaurs (Vintage Brass Mix) 3:32
Bananafishbones DWK 4 - Die Wilden Kerle: Der Sound
Bananafishbones DWK 5 - Die Wilden Kerle: Original Soundtrack
Bananafishbones Easy Day
Bananafishbones Grey Test Hits
Bananafishbones Horse Gone (Live And Unplugged)
Bananafishbones Viva Conputa
Bananafishbones When You Pass By