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Albums by Soulfly

Soulfly 3
Soulfly 3 (Parental Advisory)
Soulfly 3 (Special Edition)
Soulfly Blood Fire War Hate Digital Tour EP

Soulfly — Blood Fire War Hate Digital Tour EP

Released 7/21/2008
  1. Blood Fire War Hate 5:01
  2. Prophecy (Live In Poland 2005) 2:55
  3. Downstroy (Live In Poland 2005) 3:00
  4. Frontlines (Live In Poland 2005) 4:22
  5. Living Sacrifice (Live In Poland 2005) 3:55
  6. Mars (Live In Poland 2005) 5:40
Soulfly Conquer
Soulfly Conquer (Atl Version)
Soulfly Conquer (Bonus Tracks)
Soulfly Conquer (Parental Advisory)
Soulfly Dark Ages (Parental Advisory)
Soulfly Dark Ages (Special Edition)
Soulfly Enslaved
Soulfly Enslaved (Special Edition)
Soulfly Omen
Soulfly Omen (Special Edition)
Soulfly Primitive (Parental Advisory)
Soulfly Primitive (Special Edition)
Soulfly Prophecy (Parental Advisory)
Soulfly Prophecy (Special Edition)
Soulfly Rise Of The Fallen (Single)

Soulfly — Rise Of The Fallen (Single)

Released 4/20/2010
  1. Rise Of The Fallen 4:33
Soulfly Savages
Soulfly Soulfly
Soulfly Soulfly (Parental Advisory)