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Albums by Static-X

Static-X Beneath...Between...Beyond...
Static-X Cannibal (Edited)
Static-X Cannibal Killers Live
Static-X Cannibal (Parental Advisory)
Static-X Destroyer (Single)

Static-X — Destroyer (Single)

Released 2/13/2007
  1. Destroyer 2:48
Static-X I'm The One

Static-X — I'm The One

Released 4/26/2005
  1. I'm The One 2:38
Static-X Start A War
Static-X Start A War (Edited)
Static-X Stingwray (DMD Single)

Static-X — Stingwray (DMD Single)

Released 2/17/2009
  1. Stingwray 4:13
Static-X The Only

Static-X — The Only

Released 9/2/2003
  1. The Only 2:50
Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip (Edited)
Static-X Wisconsin Death Trip (Parental Advisory)